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  • What is a heat pump?
    A heat pump is a device that can take advantage of two different areas of temperature. Think of a refrigerator. It takes heat from the inside of the refrigerator and transfers it outside of the refrigerator. In the case of a heat pump, it takes heat out of your home and transfers it to the outdoors. The common term for that is air conditioning.
  • What is an air conditioner?
    Examples of air conditioners or air cooling devices: Ice bag on your head Fan blowing across a wet towel draped around you Typical day in Antarctica Joining the Polar Bear Club and jumping into an icy lake
  • My furnace is 25 years old. Should I replace it?
    It depends on several things that affect every furnace differently: Is it still running smoothly, efficiently, and quietly? Do you detect any unfamiliar smells coming from the furnace? Have you kept your filters clean and have you maintained the furnace and replaced parts? Is the thermostat in your home working properly?
  • How can I be sure my furnace is safe and running properly?
    Furnaces and air conditioning units should be inspected and serviced annually. Change or clean your filters based on the manufacturer's recommendations and your environmental conditions. For example, you might have to change or clean your filter more often in a dusty environment.
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